Now Boston Has EVERYTHING -Part 2

We love to travel.  Love love love.  Especially to places with palm trees, beaches and sunshine.  We love exploring cities and going on adventures.  We love fish tacos and lobster rolls.  And this June, we got to do all that at home in Boston.

Palm Trees:


Boston now has palm trees?!?!?!

We are happiest when we are around palm trees, the ocean and good friends.  This summer, we get to have all of that in Boston thanks to the gorgeous designs of Josh Altidor at Boston’s Parks & Rec. Dept.  The Public Gardens are always changing with the seasons and are always beautiful.  The new palm trees make it feel even more like an escape to nature, peace and relaxation.



Another great way to get into vacation-mode, if only for a day, is to head out to the Harbor Islands.  We are very lucky to have friends that include us in their boating adventures in and around the Harbor but public ferries are available to several of the islands and some can even be accessed by car.  This weekend, we headed out to World’s End and anchored off-shore enjoying the views, the sun and, of course, the company.  While we didn’t have palm trees here and the water was COLD, bobbing on the ocean felt like paradise.


We can’t wait to get back out there and spend some time on the other islands.  Lovell’s has  amazing views of Boston, you can explore abandoned structures and there are camping facilities.  Rainsford has a gentle beach and an amazing vantage point of the cove.  Peddocks: ever see Shutter Island?!  So many cool buildings that are now being restored.  And we can’t forget George’s Island, home of Fort Warren (which we’ll cover separately).


Oh, and the view on the way home isn’t half bad either…


Fish tacos and lobster rolls coming up on Part 3!


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