Now Boston Has EVERYTHING -Part 1

We love to travel.  Love love love.  Especially to places with palm trees, beaches and sunshine.  We love exploring cities and going on adventures.  We love fish tacos and lobster rolls.  And this June, we got to do all that at home in Boston.



We found an amazing company that does door-off helicopter rides in and around Boston: Hover Boston.  We’ve been on scenic helicopter rides before in Kaui and Vegas but they were nothing like what Hover Boston has to offer.  HB attracts serious photographers and takes great care to provide unobstructed views, generous time to get the perfect shot, and a proper thrill.  Unlike other helicopter rides we’ve been on, we were strapped into the helicopter by a leash and harness.  This allowed us to remove our seat belts once we were “hovering” and turn out to the sides of the helicopter and dangle our legs out.  Freedom!  W could turn all the way around and shoot the tail of the helicopter and angle down to get great bird-eye views unencumbered by windows or doors.

Jeff, the pilot, is very professional, laid back and welcoming.  We had a great time chatting with him before and after the flight.  He’s a member of the Boston IGers community, so we felt like we already sort of knew him before actually meeting.  Now, whenever we see a red helicopter hovering overhead, we imagine it’s him.

The trip from the airport to the city is quick, about five minutes or so.  It was great to fly over the suburbs that we drive through everyday and see friends’ rooftops.  …I think I see my dad…  The actual meat of the experience is “hovering” for about 20 minutes.  We started over Fenway Park, then flew over the Charles River towards Back Bay and flew around the Hancock and Prudential towers.

Then it was off to downtown to see the Public Gardens, Boston Common and downtown.

DSC_5037-Edit (1)

J’s favorite was flying over the waterfront, North End and Fort Point during sunset.  We usually cover this terrain by boat and it was so cool to experience it from the air.  The proportions and distances feel so different.  The Wharves are beautiful and seeing the Barking Crab, where we spend so much time in the summer, and Envoy Hotel from the air was very special.  The final “stop” was the South End and then we were off for home.  The weather has been crazy that day with a fog lifting and then coming back in, so we were literally in the clouds, which was amazing.

And then we were back on land.  We immediately started planning for our next ride.  It was one of those experiences that makes you feel alive and your whole body does a fist pump.


Next up: Palm trees in Boston?!?!


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